Andrea Btoy


“Multitude” is the new exhibition of Andrea Michaelsson (Btoy). The show, at N2 Gallery, reflects on the concept of the multitude as the shadow of the impotence, the disorder and single individual, breaking up with each stencil anonymous images of the social crowd. Falls of popular images as the “castellers” (human towers), corrupt leaders or uncontrolled protests.
Andrea Michaelsson (Barcelona, 1977) has exhibited in Paris, Düsseldorf and London, and this year took part in the Tour 13 in Paris and in the exhibition “Cleopatra, the Eternal Diva” at Bundeskunsthalle Museum, Bonn. Nowadays is exhibiting at the Frauenmuseum in Bonn, Germany.

From: 6-2-2014

To: 6-3-2014