Coincidencias en papel


With this third exhibition “Coincidences on paper” in N2 Gallery we finish the trilogy of meetings between artists. We have put together the work of artists who work with the same or similar technique although they are conceptually very different. With that we had the opportunity to know the infinite possibilities that those fortunate artists have on their hands.


Between order and mess.
It exists something called the yin and the yang, that goes with the formal essence of things: the holes in a eroded stone, the grating growth of a tree, the drawing that comes on the back side of a mushroom, … In everything there is order and mess, geometry and chaos, the trace of growing and dying. All this create a double feeling on me: I want to analyze to understand but also stop to contemplate. Those are the driving forces of my work and that is what I pretend to explain.
For all that I am using paper as the main material. It is an organic material that doesn’t need to be paint and that allows to work with the light because it can reflect it and also pass through it. The light has always been important in my art and now it is also inside the pieces.
The series with paper began at the exhibition “L’esbarzer que persevera” at the Museu Molí
Paperer in Capellades, “La Tardor de l’Art” at Arts Santa Mònica in Barcelona, and at the show “El hilo de Ariadna” at the opening of La Casa del Lector in Matadero Madrid with Jaume Plensa and other artists.

Rosó Cusó

“Because I have seen you in dreams weaving a net…”
In that exhibition I present infinite nets woven as a calligraphy, ink on paper. It is a life writing
that collapses and separates, breaks and repairs. Holes of loss and also of escape. The nets are woven without a narrative intention, are the result of the act of writing. The final pictures comes from the changes of rhythm and from their own tangles.
The material comes with its own rules and here I pretend to work with the nature of the paper and the ink, playing with the absorption and collapse of Japanese paper. I use the contrast between nylon nets and fine silver bubbles.
This nets trap and support at the same time and call to contemplate the symbolic see of life.

Victòria Rabal

From: 18-4-2013

To: 30-5-2013