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“In the mental painting of Valentina D’Amaro, the landscape, nature and environment become elaborate images, that in her eye they are developed and evolve to become abstract compositions. Paint is applied, like waves of pressure, in those flat fields of colour, green landscapes that settle in the soul.”

Chiara Guidi

“My work starts with photographs taken while travelling, choosing the ones that instinctively make the greatest impresion on me, and then I reproduce their design on the canvas, making changes to adapt it better to the project which is beginig to take form in my mind on the basis of the images’ potential.”

Valentina D’Amaro

“Miguel Angel Iglesias shows us cities of globalization, geometries and linear compositions made with acrylic, where the colors of their obsessive urban landscapes remind Mondrian and abstraction is both a behavior as a state of mind.
His current landscapes can bring us to New York or Chicago, but are invented cities of globalization where he has go intuitively, without forcing theories.”

David Castillo

“I always have remained reflexive when contemplating a city from above. Removed from its rules and cultures, there at the top I remain caught by its immense sculptures: buildings that create different compositions, urban landscapes that take me to meditation. I am moved by the impact that can produce feeling alive in this world and how tragic it is not fins the way to catch it. Through color and composition I try to create this impact that lasts.”

Miguel Angel Iglesias

From: 28-2-2013

To: 11-4-2013