Inject Love


Brusse (1977, Ghent) is already known by N2 Gallery’s friends, for his books and also because he exhibited at the gallery with a great success in May 2010. For this exhibition that we have the pleasure to present, “Inject Love”, Brusse has worked with Hanse Cora (1983, Ghent).
The tandem formed by Brusse and Hanse has increased to incredible levels the quality of the pieces. Their last public intervention in Antwerp, has had a great international impact and it will be also catalogued in his third book that will be published soon.
They continue talking about relationships and how to foster them, keeping their sense of humor but also dealing with the theme in a very sensible way. Both of them are multidisciplinary artists and their work is presented in very different media as video, installation, photo, …

Brusse and Hanse’s work is like a breath of fresh air that produce in the spectator a kind of Leonardo da Vinci’s smile that will cause thousands of reactions.

From: 18-10-2012

To: 15-11-2012