Joan Saló. Hic-Stans

Untitled, 2015. Acrílico sobre tela. 70 x 70 cmHic – Stans is a Latin term that could be translated as “the infinite greatness of place.” Based on this concept, which points to an ideal perception of the infinite, the artist questions himself: from the concrete and finite point we occupy in space could we perceive all its infinite as a whole? Behind his canvases breathe both the meditations of the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes in Leviathan (1651), and the idea of the infinite by Borges in his famous short story, The Aleph.

In Saló’s paintings, the abstract is reconciled with the decorative, meditation with spirituality. The canvas designs a network of meanings produced from primary forms that are repeated without beginning or end. The work speaks of time and rhythm, of the relations between the hand and the brain, thereby creating a real code, a “mental map”.

From Juny 30 to July 29