In Greek mythology, the Graces or Carites – Aglaya, Eufrosine and Talia – symbolized beauty, joy, love, creativity and fertility. Daughters of Zeus and the nymph Eurynome, gave gifts and talents to those who worshiped them. Perhaps for this reason they have been a source of artistic and literary inspiration from ancient Greece to the present day.


This group show brings together artists from different disciplines and aesthetic proposals around the classic motif of The Three Graces. Reinterpreting a classic motif is an opportunity to question it, rewrite it or pay homage to some of the artworks that have rethink it throughout the history of Western art. In the past, artists such as Rafael, Rubens, Van Loo, Coecke van Aelst, Fragonard, Canova, Picasso and Dalí have undertaken this task, enriching the universe of the myth. The readings made in each period also tell us about the historical and aesthetic moment to which they belong. Therefore, the works we gather today, although they look at a classic theme, reflect a contemporary idiosyncrasy.

We will see the versions (sometimes diversions, other perversions) of Jafet Blanch, Dani Buch, Crajes, Luis Feo, Gil Gelpi, Gonzalo Goytisolo, Andreas Ostwald, Marcos Palazzi, Benjamín Palencia, Mario Pasqualotto, Iván Prieto, Gino Rubert, Amparo Sard, Mario Soria and Beatrice Tosi.


In addition to presenting painting, sculpture and drawing, in this exhibition N2 Gallery includes for the first time an installation with the work of an industrial designer. It is the renowned German contemporary designer Andreas Ostwald and his chair Callita. In doing so we want to vindicate the artistic value of design.




Laia Antúnez. Un desembre de galeries. Què Fem? La Vanguardia, del 8 al 14/12 de 2017

Juan Bufill. Gracia y circunstancia. La Vanguardia. 3/12/2017