Speaking of installations in the art world, a huge format is always assumed. In “MICRO-WORLDS” N2 Gallery aims to show those installations that, despite of their high conceptual capacity don’t need to be large, giving them a new meaning.

The ironic and funny Sophia Daly Rossin criticizes the conservative society. The stresses in Nei Alberti’s materials , always present in his work, come together in order to become a whole. The social struggle of Boris Hoppek acquires a dramatic meaning but never forgetting his sense of humor. Joan Homs’ sculptures formed a dance where materials have no presence and instead fill the space of rhythm. From textile materials Las Inquietas transform an ordinary space into a place where the importance is not “the where” but “the what”. In this exhibition Ramon Clapers makes his sculptures appear and disappear as if it were the Guadiana river.

From: 29-11-2012

To: 31-12-2012