Opening, Thursday March 8 | Cocktail from 7 pm

N2 Galería presents the group show Woman: Creator and Motive with works by Chinese artist Liu Guangyun, Marta Lafuente from Barcelona and Leticia Gaspar from Vizcaya.

In Guangyun’s works, from the Series Surfaces, the beautiful but artificial faces of several women are trapped in semi-transparent resin. Guangyun talks about the cosmetic, surgical and digital manipulation that creates a norm of artificial beauty. He criticizes contemporary aesthetic norms and the consumer society, particularly the pressure to which women are subjected in order to comply with imposed beauty canons.

On the other hand, in Marta Lafuente’s paintings -as Véronique Dupas points out- the human figure stands out between landscapes tinged with melancholy. Her themes often revolve around everyday scenes, landscapes that could be familiar to us and that are part of the artist’s life.

In Leticia Gaspar’s work, elements of the urban landscape and the effects of artificial light take center stage. As Gabino Busto Hevia has written about it: Buildings, structures, stalls, booths, establishments and interiors are defined by different artificial light points, achieving mysterious, gloomy, dreamlike scenes.

The three artists work an unrealistic figuration in a mixed technique highly material to catch the figures, faces or spaces in a frozen time.


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