Points of view


With the title Points of view [Photography] N2 Gallery wants to present a group of selected artists that gives us the view of some of the most interesting worlds that photography can gives us.
Joan Alsina’s work is always related with the human body. This time he achieves, through textures, an anthropomorphic effect that gives his characters the appearance of deity.
To Juan Bufill photography is a way of exploration, discovery and expression, an adventure as it was abstract painting during historical vanguards. His photos are based on the essence of photography, word that originally meant “to draw or write with light”, while it goes away from the common uses of this medium. With that they come to visions of poetry, abstract paintings and experimental films.
The unclassifiable proposal of Eva Davidova’s work leads us to an intimate world where emotions are centrifuged, breaking the reality to make it totally subjective. A multidisciplinary artist, her work shows us the human condition in relation to its surrounding space.
The still life series that presents Jaime Lieberman are, in fact, a portrait of the artist, where his Mexican origin has a wealth more than evident. The intensity of the color and composition denote the great sense of humor that surrounds society today.
Our commitment to the work of Juan Schlosser born of the most genuine admiration for his work. In the work we present combine his role as sculptor ephemeral and the success by the location of the works.

From: 6-6-2013

To: 19-7-2013