Uri’s work distorts & re-imagines iconic subjects, classic masterpieces & lost treasures while pushing the boundaries of contemporary taste.

With his solo show at N2 Gallery, Dead Relations, Uri expresses the need to know our past in order to build our future. Emotion and personal bonding are key when selecting the themes of his works. In Dead Relations, Uri builds his personal genealogy along with a special connection to artwork that represents a worldview. A view that belongs to everyone and is integral to the history of mankind.

Dead Relations is also linked to a biographical event that changed the way this artist sees life. In late 2016 Uri suffered a traumatic fall and was diagnosed with Peripheral Vertigo, which is especially serious for someone who has dedicated his life to painting. This condition manifested itself unpredictably and caused a sudden loss of balance. In addition to the danger of an unexpected fall, vertigo can prevent the eyes from focusing correctly. His experience of visual errors led him to explore this concept more deeply. In his work we see an abandonment of the mosaic, so distinctive of Uriginal, towards experimentation with glitches. Glitch is a computer term referring to broken images that can form as a result of badly coded or damaged files. Uri attempts to convey the mismatch between his eyes and his brain at the moment of vertigo, equating the failure in his optical systems with a visual glitch that produces amazing images.

In this show Uri also explores notions that bind humankind together & force people apart. He challenges preconceptions of taste and beauty with abstraction, pop art and post-surrealism using an array of techniques learnt on the streets. These themes come crashing together on different surfaces to examine aesthetic limits.

In addition, Uri has requested the collaboration of renowned artists of the stature of Miss Van or Cinta Vidal, among others, to participate in some of the works, providing small strokes out of their own comfort zones, as an invitation to explore new paths together.