Andrea Btoy

1977, Barcelona



Solo Show. “Multitudes” N2 Galeria.


Today’s Dinasty. Deutsch-chinesisches Kooperationsproject. Frauenmuseum. Bonn.

“Cleopatra. Die Ewige Diva”  Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn.

Duo Show with Uriginal. Traffic Gallery. Bergamo.

Solo Show. “Transgressions” Pretty Portal. Düsseldorf.


Solo Show. “Beautiful transgressions”. SC Gallery. Bilbao.

Collective Show. “Intruders” N2 Galería. Barcelona.

Collective Show. White Walls. Beirut Art Center, Fondation Faradar and Instituto Cervantes.

Collective Show “Stencil Art” StarkArt Gallery. Zurich.

Collective Show. “Del Mural a l’Art” Diagonal Metro. Barcelona.

Collective show “Urban Portraits”. Able & Baker Gallery. Cologne.


Collective Show. “La Mano de Cervantes”. Instituto Cervantes. Curated by Mery Cuesta. Istanbul.

Collective Show. “Jakarta International Stencil Art”. North Art Space. Jakarta. Indonesia.

Solo Show. “Iconic Circus”. Traffic Gallery. Bergamo (Italy).


Collective show “We love colors”. KKKB. Barcelona.

Collective show . Irvine Contemporary Gallery. Washington DC.

Collective show. “Stencil Only”. Pretty Portal. Düsseldorf.

Solo show. “Look for the silver lining”. Espai B. Barcelona.


Solo show. Galerie Itinerrance. Paris.

Collective show. Carmichael Gallery, West Hollywood (Los Angeles).


Collective show. Pictures on Walls. London.

“Reveille-toi!”, Festival “BAC’08”. CCCB, Barcelona.


No New Enemies, Brussels.

Collective show. Byloa, Mexico DF/.


Miscelänea, Barcelona.


Miscelänea, Barcelona.


Project “Urban Art at Gare du Nord”. Paris. 2014.

Residence in La Rochelle. March. 2014.

Project “Le Tour 13”. Paris. Mehdi Ben Cheikh. October 2013.

Residence in Marles les Mines (France).  July 2013.

Project White Walls. Beirut Art Center, Fondation Faradar and Instituto Cervantes. 2012.

Festival Art Urbà FAHR, Amposta. May 2012.

Festival Wool.Covilha (Portugal). November 2011.

Project ASA. Festival Amsterdam Street Art. Amsterdam. June 2011.

Jakarta International Stencil Art. Jakarta, Indonesia. March 2011.

Festival Surpàs. Portbou (Catalonia), August 2010.

Street Art Doping. Warsaw, July 2010.

Poliniza. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, May 2010.

Live painting. Urban painting. Spazio Concept. Milan, February 2010.

Festival Surpàs. Portbou (Catalonia), Spain. September 2009.

“Kosmopolite” Paris. June 2008.

“No New Enemies at Botanique Museum”, Modart. Brussels, 2008.

“The Cans Festival” supported by Pictures On Walls. Banksy. London. May 2008.

“Mur-Murs 01” Menorca. March 2008.

“Difusor”, Barcelona, 2007.

“Byloa”, Mexico, May 2007.


“Today’s Dinasty”. Deutsch-chinesisches Kooperationsproject. Frauenmuseum. Bonn

“Cleopatra”. Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn.


Animation to “Graffiti Virtual” by Omnivor_Lab. “Noche en Blanco” a Caixaforum. Madrid, 13 september 2008.


BTOY. “La passionària du pochoir”. Opus Délits. Critères Editions. Paris, November, 2012.

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