From 2014, N2 Gallery has presented the work of Catalan artist Jafet Blanch (Barcelona, 1977) in several group exhibitions such as ‘Still Life and Vanitas’ or ‘At the bar’ and at important national and international art fairs.
The lively artistic trajectory of this Barcelonian artist, has managed to catch the attention of international galleries, private collections and important media. After his exhibition in N2 Galería will begin an itinerary of solo exhibitions in Taipei, London and United States.


In Fetén -his first solo show- his paintings and realistic sculptures evoke a fantastic and paradoxically common universe: a little fair horse with an ice cream in the forehead resembles a unicorn, a girl with Rapunzel’s wig is represented as a haughty Menina and Caravaggio’s classic still life turn into scenes that shelter the main characters of the universe Fetén.

His vibrant color paintings contrasts with the intimate atmosphere that he manages to reproduce departing from the classic method of oil paint used in the 19th century. His career also as street artist adds and reveals a contemporary style between the fantastic realism and the narrative painting.

Blanch addresses the audience with double meaning games and searches in every piece, eloquently, to make the spectator a participant of his tricks: showing deliberately irreverent scenes that he turns in fantastic snapshots, in fetén moments.


” The apparent glamour that blooms on saying the word fetén radically contrasts with its street’s origin. The mirage, which in this case disguises the origin of the word, is the excuse of this exhibition. To dismantle clichés entertains me. I have a complex vision of the world and an innate skill to distort my way of seeing it: sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter. Just like my art, bitter as the taste that chocolate leaves in your mouth “.