Nuria Torres. Children, baloons and pop-corn

With her children of porcelain, Nuria Torres reinterprets the Neoclassic portrait from a playful and iconoclast perspective. Inspired by one of the maximum exponents, the French sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon, the starting point for the children is one of the Houdon’s most emblematic sculptures: “Louise Brongniart with five years“. The playful Louise of Torres its accompanied by other three children, together they hide or disguise themselves in three of Torres’s more enterteining series: The children of the noses, The hidden children and The children of the masks.
As part of her creative process, Torres re-visits techniques and traditional materials. She chooses the porcelain for being the material that better allows her to transmit the whole freshness and the innocence of the children and their games. On the whitest and delicate faces of her children: snouts, masks, boxes and rags painted in colorful enamels subvert the neoclassic values as it would be done by the children, who do not know limits in the playground.
To complete the party, Torres develops two more series combining porcelain and golden leaf: Ballons and Pop-corn.

This is an exhibition that surprises for the contrast between her technical perfection, the purity and fragility of the selected material and the conceptual draft towards the playful sense of life. With refined wit and sharp psychological perception, Torres is capable of catching the essence of the game with scarcely an element on the sober bust of porcelain.

Enterteining and tender, as children playing, it is the exhibition that we introduced to you in N2 Gallery coinciding with 47 º Congress of the International Academy of Ceramics that this year will take place in Barcelona between the 12th and 16th of September, 2016. The Congress, of bianual periodicity, is the most important international event in the world of the ceramics. The  new Museu del Disseny of Barcelona will receive in its premises the main work of sessions, where there will meet approximately 300 professionals from around the world. In N2 we collaborate with this event as part of the Art Galleries Ceramic Circuit, which seeks to promote the work of contemporary ceramists. Among the Foundations that also collaborate are the Fundació ” La Caixa “, Fundació Joan Miro, Fundació la Pedrera and National Museum of Catalonian Art (MNAC).